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Industrial Maintenance & Reliability Services

What is Predictive Maintenance?

Predictive Maintenance can essentially be defined as condition-driven preventative maintenance. When the human body has a problem, it exhibits a symptom. The same is true for machinery, which can be detected through vibration or some other parameter. By constantly knowing the machinery health a plant can focus its maintenance resources on the equipment that requires it most.

Price vs PM's

Traditional Preventative Maintenance (PM's) generally require the machine to be offline, consequently, critical information of the machine's operation is already lost. In the time it takes a crew of mechanic's to perform a typical PM on a single machine, our analysts can collect more relevant data on an entire production area.

Avoid Costly Downtime!

Running until machinery failure is the most expensive method of maintenance. Production is lost & crisis management ensues. A large spare machinery inventory is also required. Predictive Maintenance is a money-saving tool where the costs are quickly recuperated through increased machinery availability & significant reduction in downtime.

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